Why The Best Excursion In The Caymans Is The Bioluminescence Boat Trip

With all of the crime and terrorism throughout the world these days it’s nice to know there is a very safe place to vacation right near the US, that’s the Cayman Islands. They are an English first country so you’ll never have a problem communicating with the people. Crime is almost non-existent since there are plenty of good jobs to be had in all types of industries. Of course, at the top of the list of employers is the tourist industry and their government takes the safety of tourists seriously, so it’s incredibly safe for the whole family.

There Are Sights To See That Will Amaze You

One of the most incredible excursions to take on Grand Cayman is the bioluminescent trip. This is always a night trip since you need darkness in order to get the full magic of the tour. There are tiny, microscopic, plankton in the waters surrounding the island that emit light when they are touched or agitated. But it’s not just a few, but billions upon billions that completely light up the water around you.

There are special boats that can take you out that have special platforms so even the smallest of kids can get right down and touch the water. The best cayman bioluminescence tour is the one that operate from the North Side of the island. It’s a mind-boggling experience that you’ll talk about for years, and so will your children. Another great way to see the bioluminescence show is to take kayaks out. You can be alone or with a guide, but be far from the shore totally lit up by plankton. If you have a good camera, this is the place to use it profusely. Set the aperture wide, about F2.8, the exposure long, about 10 second or more, and focus the shots manually since the water doesn’t reflect the autofocus rays well.

Take hundreds of pictures since you’ll be deleting all of the bad ones. It’s an amazing show that you’ll have to explain to the people back home how wonderful and magic it was with lots of pictures.

Why You Should Check Out The Stingray City Boat Trip On The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands in the Caribbean are one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world. Not only do they speak English as a first language, they also don’t have any of the high crime rate problems that plague many of the Caribbean nations. There is plenty to do there from fishing, kite boarding, surfing, kayaking, sun bathing, shopping, and even swimming on a Stingray City Boat Trip.

There Are Absolute Must See Excursions On The Cayman Islands

One of the most exciting excursions on the Caymans is the boat trip to Stingray City. There you can swim with and feed live stingrays as they swim about the large area as if they were flying. You’ll never see a more graceful creature in the water than a stingray. There are several different tours to the area and you’ll want to ask a few questions before you book.

Since this type of excursion needs some careful explaining and monitoring it’s important to get a competent guide. In addition to that, there are far fewer problems, complaints or incidences on the tours that have fewer tourists and more guides. When you make your reservations that’s an important question to ask. You should also inquire as to how many years they’ve been in business and how long their guides have been there as well.

Another excursion that is really one of the most incredible sites ever is the bioluminescence tour. They’re at night so that you can see the light shows and you can swim among the millions of tiny plankton that emit light as they’re touched or agitated. If you have a camera it’s important to bring it on this trip as you’ll have a hard time explaining how awesome it is to your friends back home without some good photos.

Booking tours and Stingray City Boat Trips in the Cayman islands is easy and fairly inexpensive. It’s a safe destination for the entire family so children are more than welcome. George’s Watersports Company is the most well know operator in Grand Cayman. Read some of the online reviews to help you decide which tour, trip or restaurant you want to visit, there are so many it’s hard to choose.

Booking Private Charters In Grand Cayman

If you are looking to get the most out of your Grand Cayman vacation, it is important for you to book your trip accordingly. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to get around during your trip and make the absolute most of your travel. In order to book your trip to the best of your ability, you should take the time to look into these tips which will be very useful to you.

#1: Look into the prices

In order to make the most out of your travel, it is important that you learn the best prices for your vacation. Booking the best cayman private charters will help you out when you make sure that it is well within your price range. Shop around between these private charters in order to book travel for your entire group. Some people book catamaran charters, but those can be very expensive.

#2: Check the reviews

 Make sure that you look into the reviews of the private charter company that you are researching. These reviews will tell you whether or not this is the company that you need to be doing business with. It will inform your decision and allow you to check the company’s track record as well.

#3: Plan for your trip

 Finally, make sure that you pack the equipment that you need and do everything possible to make sure that you enjoy the trip. Be sure that you bring your phone or camera in order to get some great memories. Planning this trip will help you out and will ensure that you book the right trip and are able to make the most of it. Make sure that the vessel you book has twin-outboard engines to ensure sufficient speed for your charter.

 Follow these tips so that you are able to book a private charter travel in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Finding Places To Eat In Grand Cayman

The Grand Cayman islands have a reputation for always having something new. They seamlessly blend old traditions with new trendy spots, and this is extremely apparent when eating and finding new places to try. While the fare at the best restaurants is a bit predictable, the flare with which it is prepared the the local additions make it a one of a kind experience that isn’t likely to be forgotten any time soon.

The biggest common staple in the area is of course seafood with a little something for everyone available. Everything from lobster to Mahi is served up in every different way imaginable. Tacos, platters, steam pots, and simple grill items are all available, pairing perfectly with cocktails that seem to never stop.

Other restaurants serve up Carribean jerked meats, tantalizing the taste buds and making use of flavors only found in this part of the world. Many of these restaurants are smaller, more intimate, showing people the true meaning of hospitality while serving up one of a kind food that begs for an encore.

Meals with breadfruit, exotic foods like black truffles, and even lemongrass are commonplace. Flavor is what is important here, without a single bland restaurant in this region. Even the chicken restaurants have something extra, bringing new meaning to the old phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

Many of the restaurants pride themselves on sourcing their food locally, boosting the economy in the area, but also creating meals that taste fresh, vibrant, and perfect in a way that supermarket imitations will never be able to match.

Meal time here is free from pressure, making it a great place to meet people, and an every better place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the country without any stress.

What Are Stingrays? Why Should You Learn About Them?

Most people have a basic understanding of what a stingray is. At the very least, the majority of people know that they are a type of fish. However, few people really understand what stingrays are. 

What are stingrays? Why should you learn about them? Read on if you would like to discover more about these amazing creatures. 

Stingray Essentials 

Like sharks, stingrays are a type of cartilaginous fish. As a matter of fact, stingrays are one of the shark’s closest relatives. 

There are many different kinds of stingrays. There are eight different families of stingrays, and about 70 species in total. Stingray species include round rays, stingarees, deepwater stingrays, sixgill stingrays, and eagle rays. 

Stingrays prefer warm water, and they also prefer to stay close to the coast. These creates can be found in tropical and subtropical waters all around the world. 

Are Stingrays Dangerous?

Stingrays rarely attack humans. With that said, the majority of stingrays do have a barbed stinger that is located on their tail. They don’t use this stinger to hunt their prey; they only use the stinger to protect themselves from danger. The stinger can be as large as 14 inches, and it typically contains two glands of venom. 

Humans are able to swim alongside stingrays safely. With that said, it’s smart for people to be cautious about how they approach stingrays. If someone doesn’t know a lot about stingrays, it might be smarter for for them to stay out of the water. 

Why You Should Learn About Stingrays 

People have caught and used stingrays as food as in the production of products. With that said, stingrays are a very pleasant creature that people can enjoy spending time around. 

Rays tend to be very calm and very friendly. In many areas, people can swim with rays without an issue. Some types of rays, like manta rays, will even guide people around in the water. 

Stingrays are also very intelligent. Studies have shown that rays have excellent memories, and that they are able to recognize people that they have spent time around in the past. 

If you don’t know very much about stingrays, you should be learning as much as you can. If you take the time to deepen your understanding of stingrays, you’ll be able to learn a great deal. Make sure you have a better understanding of this amazing ocean creature! Stingrays are absolutely incredible.