What Are Stingrays? Why Should You Learn About Them?

Most people have a basic understanding of what a stingray is. At the very least, the majority of people know that they are a type of fish. However, few people really understand what stingrays are. 

What are stingrays? Why should you learn about them? Read on if you would like to discover more about these amazing creatures. 

Stingray Essentials 

Like sharks, stingrays are a type of cartilaginous fish. As a matter of fact, stingrays are one of the shark’s closest relatives. 

There are many different kinds of stingrays. There are eight different families of stingrays, and about 70 species in total. Stingray species include round rays, stingarees, deepwater stingrays, sixgill stingrays, and eagle rays. 

Stingrays prefer warm water, and they also prefer to stay close to the coast. These creates can be found in tropical and subtropical waters all around the world. 

Are Stingrays Dangerous?

Stingrays rarely attack humans. With that said, the majority of stingrays do have a barbed stinger that is located on their tail. They don’t use this stinger to hunt their prey; they only use the stinger to protect themselves from danger. The stinger can be as large as 14 inches, and it typically contains two glands of venom. 

Humans are able to swim alongside stingrays safely. With that said, it’s smart for people to be cautious about how they approach stingrays. If someone doesn’t know a lot about stingrays, it might be smarter for for them to stay out of the water. 

Why You Should Learn About Stingrays 

People have caught and used stingrays as food as in the production of products. With that said, stingrays are a very pleasant creature that people can enjoy spending time around. 

Rays tend to be very calm and very friendly. In many areas, people can swim with rays without an issue. Some types of rays, like manta rays, will even guide people around in the water. 

Stingrays are also very intelligent. Studies have shown that rays have excellent memories, and that they are able to recognize people that they have spent time around in the past. 

If you don’t know very much about stingrays, you should be learning as much as you can. If you take the time to deepen your understanding of stingrays, you’ll be able to learn a great deal. Make sure you have a better understanding of this amazing ocean creature! Stingrays are absolutely incredible.

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