Why The Best Excursion In The Caymans Is The Bioluminescence Boat Trip

With all of the crime and terrorism throughout the world these days it’s nice to know there is a very safe place to vacation right near the US, that’s the Cayman Islands. They are an English first country so you’ll never have a problem communicating with the people. Crime is almost non-existent since there are plenty of good jobs to be had in all types of industries. Of course, at the top of the list of employers is the tourist industry and their government takes the safety of tourists seriously, so it’s incredibly safe for the whole family.

There Are Sights To See That Will Amaze You

One of the most incredible excursions to take on Grand Cayman is the bioluminescent trip. This is always a night trip since you need darkness in order to get the full magic of the tour. There are tiny, microscopic, plankton in the waters surrounding the island that emit light when they are touched or agitated. But it’s not just a few, but billions upon billions that completely light up the water around you.

There are special boats that can take you out that have special platforms so even the smallest of kids can get right down and touch the water. The best cayman bioluminescence tour is the one that operate from the North Side of the island. It’s a mind-boggling experience that you’ll talk about for years, and so will your children. Another great way to see the bioluminescence show is to take kayaks out. You can be alone or with a guide, but be far from the shore totally lit up by plankton. If you have a good camera, this is the place to use it profusely. Set the aperture wide, about F2.8, the exposure long, about 10 second or more, and focus the shots manually since the water doesn’t reflect the autofocus rays well.

Take hundreds of pictures since you’ll be deleting all of the bad ones. It’s an amazing show that you’ll have to explain to the people back home how wonderful and magic it was with lots of pictures.

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