Why You Should Check Out The Stingray City Boat Trip On The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands in the Caribbean are one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world. Not only do they speak English as a first language, they also don’t have any of the high crime rate problems that plague many of the Caribbean nations. There is plenty to do there from fishing, kite boarding, surfing, kayaking, sun bathing, shopping, and even swimming on a Stingray City Boat Trip.

There Are Absolute Must See Excursions On The Cayman Islands

One of the most exciting excursions on the Caymans is the boat trip to Stingray City. There you can swim with and feed live stingrays as they swim about the large area as if they were flying. You’ll never see a more graceful creature in the water than a stingray. There are several different tours to the area and you’ll want to ask a few questions before you book.

Since this type of excursion needs some careful explaining and monitoring it’s important to get a competent guide. In addition to that, there are far fewer problems, complaints or incidences on the tours that have fewer tourists and more guides. When you make your reservations that’s an important question to ask. You should also inquire as to how many years they’ve been in business and how long their guides have been there as well.

Another excursion that is really one of the most incredible sites ever is the bioluminescence tour. They’re at night so that you can see the light shows and you can swim among the millions of tiny plankton that emit light as they’re touched or agitated. If you have a camera it’s important to bring it on this trip as you’ll have a hard time explaining how awesome it is to your friends back home without some good photos.

Booking tours and Stingray City Boat Trips in the Cayman islands is easy and fairly inexpensive. It’s a safe destination for the entire family so children are more than welcome. George’s Watersports Company is the most well know operator in Grand Cayman. Read some of the online reviews to help you decide which tour, trip or restaurant you want to visit, there are so many it’s hard to choose.

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